Military Special Packaging

Copoint has been actively importing and reselling military special packaging products from the United States. With our contacts there, we are able to offer these products with competitive pricing. There are four types of packages we can offer which can be used to store and transport a wide variety of military products. 

Our Military Fast Packs stand as our best-selling packaging solutions, renowned for their user-friendly design and reusability. These versatile packs come in various sizes and are conveniently pre-assembled for immediate use. Among their key features, the smaller sizes feature a sliding system that simplifies opening and closing the packages. Moreover, every pack boasts foam cushioning to ensure the utmost safety and protection for the enclosed contents, guarding against any potential damage.

  • Type I packages are suitable for items like meters, gauges, and instruments.
  • Type II packages can accommodate flat items ranging from 6 mm (1/4 inch) to 65 mm (2-1/2 inches) in thickness, such as circuit boards, electronic modules, and tubes.
  • Type III packages are ideal for black-box-style items, including receiver-transmitters, amplifiers, power supply units, and electronic indicators.
  • Type IV packages are intended for electrical and electronic items.

All packages meet both Mil-STD-2073 and ATA 300 Category II Specs.