Tactical Lighting

Copoint Electronics proudly serves as an authorized reseller for Adventure Lights, a renowned Canadian company globally recognized for its cutting-edge tactical lighting solutions. Adventure Lights operates under three distinct brand names: Adventure Tactical, Adventure Lights, and Quantum Marine.

Under the Adventure Lights brand, we offer an array of signal lighting solutions tailored for both people and pets, catering primarily to the commercial and industrial markets. Meanwhile, Adventure Tactical specializes in meeting the demanding requirements of military and tactical applications. Our range encompasses signal lighting solutions for military personnel and K9 units, as well as portable landing zone kits for planes and helicopters.

In addition, our Quantum Marine brand specializes in equipping search and rescue operations on water with premium lighting solutions. Our offerings include helmet lights, raft lights, and life jacket lights, ensuring safety and visibility in critical situations. Collectively, these brands provide a diverse selection of top-quality lighting solutions suitable for commercial, industrial, and military purposes.

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Adventure Tactical Inc.

Adventure Tactical focuses on lighting solutions for Law Enforcement, Military and Search & Rescue Operations. They produce signal lights, helmet lights, K9-lights, landing zone systems and products for emergency situations which are being used in police and military units worldwide. As these products are multifunctional they can generally be used for many different types of operations. The products are of the highest quality and are tested under extreme conditions. Besides being waterproof up to 100 meters and visible up to 5 kilometres, these lights are extreme impact-resistant and most are one-hand operable. There are also a wide range of lights available with Infrared functions for covert operations. Adventure Tactical uses great innovative technologies such as AutoSync™, Reverse Polarity Program Switching®, MultiVibe™ and you can easily program your own light signal using the Mockingbird® technology. Each of their products come with a range of optional accessories and most of the products are available in different colours.

Law Enforcement

Within Law Enforcement, Adventure Tactical products are being used in the following operations: Border Patrol, Crowd Control, K9 Equipment, Patrolman, Tactical/ERT/SWAT, Traffic Control, Safety At Sea and Waterborne Operations. The lights can be relied upon to always deliver high performances.


Military units use Adventure Tactical lights for Airborne Operations, Area Marking, EOD, Landing Zone & Airfields, K9 Equipment, Military Law Enforcement, Personnel Recovery, Soldier Safety, Tactical, Vehicle Illumination, Waterborne Operations and Underwater Operations. The technologies used in the lights are perfect for about any situation and makes it easy to communicate.

Search and Rescue

Landing zone systems, raft lights and wearable lights for increased visibility all help in Search and Rescue Operations. The landing zone systems for example, make it possible to create and illuminate a landing or drop zone anywhere. These systems can be used in many different types of situations.


  • 12 Light Landing Zone Kit
  • 18 Light Drop Zone Kit
  • 18 Light Landing Zone Kit
  • 5 Light Helicopter Landing Zone Kit
  • 6 Light Landing Zone Kit
  • Guardian Trident™ CQB
  • Guardian Trident™ Dual Spectrum
  • Guardian Trident™ Green/Red MIAK light
  • Guardian Trident™ Police Strobe
  • Guardian Trident™ White/IR CQB
  • Guardian™ Dual Function
  • Guardian™ Dual Function IR
  • Guardian™ Mockingbird®
  • Guardian™ Mockingbird® IR
  • Lighthouse® Exterior Raft Light
  • Lighthouse® Interior / Boarding Raft Light
  • Trilobyte™ Base Helmet Light
  • Trilobyte™ Base+ Helmet Light
  • Trilobyte™ Gen1 Helmet Light
  • Trilobyte™ Gen2 Helmet Light
  • Trilobyte™ Gen3 Helmet Light
  • Trilobyte™ Gen4 Helmet Light
  • Trilobyte™ Gen5 NIR / SWIR Hybrid Helmet Light
  • Trilobyte™ Police Tactical
  • VIPIR™ Air Force
  • VIPIR™ CQB Synchro
  • VIPIR™ Government Agent
  • VIPIR™ Mockingbird®
  • VIPIR™ NATO Helmet Light
  • VIPIR™ NATO Helmet Light with MultiVibe™ Technology
  • VIPIR™ Navy Special Warfare
  • VIPIR™ Police Tactical
  • VIPIR™ Quantum FX
  • VIPIR™ Yuma
  • VIP™ K9 Police Strobe
  • VIP™ Original
  • VIP™ Police Strobe

Adventure Lights Inc.

Adventure Lights focuses on the consumer market and industrial safety. They offer products used for pet safety, outdoor sports and water sports to increase visibility and safety during any activity. The products are tested under harsh conditions, are waterproof (up to 100 meter) and shock resistant. Their lights can be seen from up to 5 kilometres away and have a battery life of up to 250 hours. Every light is available in different colours and with optional accessories.


Quantum Marine Ltd.

Quantum Marine produces premium products for nautical environments. Their lights use innovative technologies such as water sensor activation and pull-pin activated technology. They offer lights to wear on your clothes, rafts and life jackets. It gives great visibility and improves safety on water. The products are of high quality and deliver consistent outstanding performances.


  • Lighthouse® Interior /Boating Raft Light
  • Lighthouse® Exterior Raft Light
  • Guardian Trident Survival™ Life Jacket Light | Pull-Pin Activated - White and IR
  • Guardian Trident Survival™ Life Jacket Light | Water Activated with Probe - White & IR
  • Guardian Trident Survival™ Life Jacket Light | Pull-Pin Activated - White Output
  • Guardian Trident Survival™ Life Jacket Light | Water Activated with Probe - White Output
  • Guardian Trident Survival™ Life Jacket Light | Water Activated with Probe - White Output
  • Guardian Trident™ Green / IR LED Beacon
  • Guardian Trident™ White / IR LED Beacon
  • Guardian Trident™ LED Signal Light
  • Guardian™ Dual Function