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The Ruslyn Cordwheel®, crafted in Australia, finds widespread use globally across defense, security, emergency response, diving, mining, and broadcast industries. Its applications are diverse, including EOD cables, detonator cords, firing cables, lifelines, communication and data cables, audio/visual setups, power supply cables, and more.

NATO codified and approved for employment by the Army, Navy, and Air Force, the Cordwheel stands as a trusted tool. Its yellow/red variant is instrumental in Surf Life Saving for efficient management of ropes and cables.

    AUS004754-61 (NSN8130-66-153-3558)

    Green Spool with Black Centre Handle, mostly used in the Defence Industry

    AUS004754-42 (NSN8130-66-161-2121)

    Yellow Spool with Red Centre Handle, mostly used by Emergency Services.

    AUS004754-11 (NSN8130-66-164-1770)

    Black Spool with Black Centre Handle, mostly used in AV & Broadcast Industries and Tactical Operations.

    AUS004754BKT (NSN8130-66-156-2603)

    Cordwheel Mount Bracket, supplied with 4 stainless mount screws enabling it to be fixed to vehicles, ships, planes and buildings.

    Please note that the cable reels can be ordered in other colors as well. 

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